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UPDATED: Wins! Belgians, Asian Champs, Korea, Greece, South Africa.

June 24, 2012

Ozone Pilots from around the world had a successful week in competition, with a double podium sweep at the Belgian Open, a first place win at the Asian Accuracy Champs, South African Nationals, and a Korean League comp.

At the Belgian Open, held in Talloires, France, Ozone pilots swept both the men’s and women’s podiums! Congratulations to longtime Ozone Team Pilot, Paul Schmit, who took first overall. Jamie Messenger and Ulrich Prinz took second and third (All flying EnZos). For the women, Isabella Messenger (yes, she’s with Jamie) was first flying her M4, with Yvon Dathe (EnZo) and Emma Casanova (M4) in second and third.

At the Asian Accuracy Championships in Taipei, Oka San of Japan took first overall flying his Mojo 4 (again!). Full results here.

And in Korea, a league competition was won by Byeongkuk Moon, Photo at right. He was flying his EnZo ;-), and as you know, Korean comps are typically dominated by another brand, so we hope he wasn’t feeling too lonely in the gaggle 😉 Results can be found here.

In Drama, Greece: The lovely Nicole Fedele took first place in the women’s category flying her M4, and 4 out of the top 5 men’s places were won by EnZo pilots, with Yassen Savov in first overall. Full results here and here.

The South African Nationals, where 6/7 days saw valid tasks, saw another Ozone podium sweep, with Chris “Fester” van Noord in first overall flying his EnZo, followed by Nevil Hulett and Duncan Kotze. Results: https://www.paraglidingworldcup.org/node/11027

Thanks to all of you for your support, and we’re very happy that you’re enjoying the wings!