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Ozone Pilots Dominate PWC Superfinal Event

February 7, 2012

The 2011 PWC Superfinal Event was held last week in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. The Superfinal is the single most important competition of the year, and this event was even more significant because it hosted the debut of several new serial class wings for 2012. The Ozone EnZo, our new certified competition wing, was flown by many pilots in the competition who had been flying R10s and R11s prior to the Open Class ban. It was the EnZo’s first major event, and we are very happy to see so many satisfied pilots at the top of the ranking.

Ozone pilots took 8 of the top 10 places, and 15 out of the top 20 places, and the overall first place position. We’d like to send a big thank you and congratulations to all of the pilots who trusted us enough to order the EnZo sight unseen, and fly it in such a high level comp at such short notice.

Peter Neuenschwander and Dusan Oroz were the two EnZo pilots on the podium, with Ozone Designer Luc Armant just behind them in 4th place, and Josh “Programmed for Gold” Cohn in 5th. The top of the ranking was heavily Ozone, click here for full results.

Ozone Team Pilot, Nick Greece, said, “The Enzo’s racing heritage enabled many Ozone pilots to continue realizing their goals by consistently allowing us to glide with the highest level of performance against the best pilots in the world. Ozone has created, and maintained, another incredible competitive advantage. I think it’s going to be another year of Ozone on top.”

We would also like to make special mention of Julian Andres Carreno Colonia, who was the highest placed “normal” EN D pilot, flying a Mantra M4 well ahead of many “high-end” EN D Competition wings. Julian is a young, up-and-coming pilot from Colombia who we’re sure we’ll see more of in the future. Luc Armant reported that Julian was often with the lead gaggle and closed the performance gap through smart decision making.

Thanks again to all of you for supporting us for another season at the top, we look forward to seeing more smiling Ozone pilots on podiums during the rest of this season.

Cheers from all the Team!

(First 3 photos at right courtesy of Josh Cohn).