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Announcing the EnZo

November 8, 2011

The EnZo represents a new class of paraglider. It is an open class competition wing with pending EN D certification. This wing has the flight characteristics, behaviour, safety and performance normally associated with the open class, and although EN certified it can still only be safely flown by skilled “Open Class” pilots. We feel this wing should be in a separate class, as it does not really offer the ease of use and levels of passive safety that we would normally expect from an EN D level wing. It is designed for racing and made to fit the requirements of the top level pilots who were flying open class wings before the 2012 season.

The EnZo uses the same planform as our latest research wings, the R10.2/R11; we want to be absolutely clear about the fact that the EnZo is a certified* version of our Research program. The high aspect ratio design ensures excellent sink rate, glide performance, and an uncompromising open class feel. It uses the profile that was developed from the BBHPP, which provides high levels of stability throughout the speed range. As a hybrid 2 liner, with A and B risers only, it needs to be flown with the same active B riser control and must be flown with the respect that the latest generation 2 liners demand.

The performance of this wing is almost equal to the R10.2; we calculate a 0.1 l/d reduction in maximum glide and a top speed that has been compromised to meet the requirements of certification.

To clarify its place in the Ozone range of wings: Despite certified status, the EnZo is still very much a competition wing and is not a replacement of the M4. Do not be fooled by test reports, if you are considering this wing it is more important to listen to our description than it is to add up test results. The EnZo is not suitable for pilots who would normally choose to fly EN D category wings. To be flown safely, it requires the same standard of pilot and the same piloting skills as the R10.2 / R11. It is only suitable for PWC level pilots who have a very high standard of canopy control, an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of SIV and the necessary skills to fly a 2 liner without it collapsing.  Pilots unfamiliar with these cutting edge techniques may lose control of this high aspect wing and find themselves in an unrecoverable configuration. If you have any doubts, then this wing is not for you.

Our mission for the development of the EnZo was a difficult one: Performance equal to the R10/R11 but with a certification to meet the recent rule changes. We are satisfied with the result and hope that the competitive Ozone pilots around the world will experience the same success with the EnZo as they have with the R10 and R11. However, we must stress the fact that we believe this type of wing should be in a separate class which requires a higher level of piloting skills than those previously required to safely fly a certified wing.

The M size has been certified and will begin limited production in 2011. We plan to release other sizes (if their certification is possible) in 2012. To inquire about this wing, please contact your Ozone Dealer/Distributor.