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M4 Sweeps 12th Annual Canungra Cup

October 20, 2011

We received a very impressive comp report from Gavin Zahner, who was at the 12th annual Canungra Cup in Australia. It’s the beginning of the comp season in the Southern Hemisphere, and this year should be very interesting as another round of Serial-Class Comps occur. The M4 has maintained its clear lead over the competition however, and swept the top 5 places in this first major event down under.

In Gavin’s words:

The first round of the Australian Championships wrapped up last week with the Canungra Cup in the Gold Coast Hinterland.  Hampered by difficult weather conditions, only 3 tasks were flown between windy and stormy conditions.  The comp was fully serial with a load of new EN-D gliders which saw many pilots become highly competitive on a level playing field of certified wings.  M4 pilots fared well in the trying and technical conditions taking the top 5 spots in the overall results.  Congratulations to Andrew Horchner for winning the last task and taking the cup.  The Canungra Cup has run for 12 consecutive years and it’s Andrew’s 10th year flying the cup, so his perseverance paid off and he won his most sought-after title after many podium finishes.  The comp atmosphere was very relaxed and the new serial format was popular, making for stress free flying.

Full results and info here.

Cheers from all the Team, and to our friends down south: Enjoy the spring!