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More Wins at Croatian Nationals and Portugal Open

August 23, 2011

Sergio Olivera reports from the Portugal Open:

“Mantra M4 pilot, Dinis Carvalho, took 1st place in the Serra da Estrela and Pedro Moreira took 3rd with his Mantra M3. In the Portuguese National League, Pedro Moreira won first place with his R10.2 and subsequently his Mantra M3 after the prohibition of open class wings. Dinis Carvalho was third place, putting the Club AbouaAboua first overall. Results here.”

At the DP Krusevo 2011, the Croatian Nationals were won by Marko Hrgetić, with Antoni Buljan in 2nd place. The overall results did not see an Ozone in first place, however there were 6 Ozone wings in the top 10 spots 😉  Full results here.

Cheers from all the Team!