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New Records in Portugal and Spain, with Delta and R11

August 3, 2011

We have just received word of some very impressive flights by David Chaumet (of France) in Portugal. David has completed two incredible XC routes with his Delta, with total distances of 213 and 271kms! These are both Portuguese records and totally impressive flights on an EN C wing. David would like to thank the local club: http://clubevertical.org/cms/ which provided assistance to him for these flights. Excellent work David, we are genuinely impressed.

Also, Spanish pilot Miki Ventaja has completed a new Spanish record (still unofficial) flight of 240kms flying his R11. Congrats Miki! His tracklog can be seen here. Miki flew this distance despite a very restrictive NOTAM which limited his altitude to below 3000m MSL during the first half of his flight, which made the task quite difficult.

Cheers from all the Team and enjoy your flights out there, the little ones as much as the big ones. Every time our feet leave the earth we are reminded of how lucky we are to enjoy this sport, no matter how far our wings take us.