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Air Tour – A Mini X-Alps – Update

June 21, 2011

Update June 27 2011: The Airtour has come to a close and Antoine Girard has taken top honors in the overall. Charlie King was the first place woman, flying her Ozone Swift – congrats Charlie, excellent flying and you deserve more than a T-shirt for your efforts! We’ll send you some extra Ozone accessories as well 😉 Results can be seen here. Cheers from all the Team.

Today a new event has kicked off in the French Alps at St Hilaire du Touvet. In a similar spirit of the X-Alps, the Air Tour is a 289 km race through the mountains, by foot or by paraglider only.

For the first Air Tour event a total of 14 pilots have chosen to fly Ozone. For more details on the event and to follow the competitors, please check out: http://www.airtour.fr/

Although much of the site is in French only, the live tracking system can be navigated in English and is the highlight of the site: http://www.airtour.fr/live/live-tracking/
Cheers from all the Team.