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Dear Japan, Thank You For Flying Ozone

June 13, 2011

The 2011 Japan National Championships have come to a close with 11 out of the top 11 spots taken by Mantra R series wings!

The 2011 Japan Champion is Hirokazu ACHIHA flying his R10.2. The overall 1st place woman was Keiko HIRAKI, flying her new R11.

In 2010 and already in the first part of the 2011 competition season, we have had many impressive majority Ozone finishes for the top 10 results. The 2010 Pre-Worlds in Piedrahita last year was a 10/10, and there have been many 9/10 and 8/10 finishes… but this 11/11 finish is a first for 2011 and an unprecedented result for Ozone in Japan 😉

Congratulations to the excellent pilots who battled mediocre conditions for half of the comp and enjoyed technical racing for the other half, and thank you for flying Ozone, Japan!

Full results. 
Cheers from all the Team.