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Luca Donini and Stefan Wyss on the Bassano Podium

April 30, 2011

The Trofeo Montegrappa is an annual event held in Bassano, Italy. As an FAI2 event, it usually attracts a gaggle of top pilots but this year the event had an extra importance because it is the last FAI sanctioned event before the 2011 World Championships in Spain.

The Montegrappa sky was full of prototypes all hopefully vying for positive feedback against the rest of the competition. A few Ozone pilots were able to compete using some pre-production R11s and R11 prototypes. Luca Donini was one such pilot, and he took first overall.  Stefan Wyss, recently become an Ozone pilot, took 3rd overall.

In Luca’s words: “It was a very technical event, we flew five tasks in every condition: from weak overcast thermals to strong and bumpy spring lift, flying above mountains and also in the flatlands. My goal was to grab first place early on by flying very fast in the first tasks, and then control my direct competitors for the rest of the comp. In the last task, for the first time in my life, I was able to fly completely relaxed, just watching and controlling the pilots closest to me in the ranking. The new R11 wing is quite good, a great step ahead compared to the R10.2. It is faster, a lot more stable, easier in thermals and… what I like even more, it has a significantly improved manoeuvrability. Since I like a quick and agile wing this makes me even more enthusiastic about the new R11. Compared the final R11 protos I saw in competition, the one I flew was a bit slower and with a slightly lower glide ratio, so… I’m excited to have the final R11 in my hands!  In my opinion, compared to the other wings, the R11 is better performing in every aspect. The Ozone designers did a great job, this wing is clearly another major step in paraglider technology”.

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