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Spring Feelings

April 11, 2011

It’s a beautiful time of year. As puffy little cumulus clouds pop all over the northern hemisphere, we are lured out of our offices and into the sky. Last Saturday, Luc Armant of the Ozone Test and Design Team flew 198kms out and return during “routine” test activities 😉 Check out his tracklog here, Luc was enjoying a 4000m cloudbase and some very powerful convergence lines! Luc said, “When I came back to the car after 6 hours of flying I was almost disappointed that it was already finished. I’ve never had so much pleasure thermalling and flying fast on a paraglider than I have with the R11.”

Ozone’s managing director, Mike Cavanagh, has also been enjoying his work of showing the new M4 around and is currently leading the UK XC league with 429kms total XC flying. Photos at right, and click here for the results. Something about Mike’s M4 has convinced several of his mates to order one 😉

Russ Ogden of the Ozone Test and Design Team also got out and did some flying, with his five year old daughter. Grace’s first flight went well, and she was a stolid passenger even during a spiral dive with her dad. Russ said that Grace was the only passenger he has ever flown who showed absolutely no fear whatsoever at any point. Something tells us that this won’t be Grace’s last flight.

And down south in NZ where the weather is changing in a different way, Rob Whittall and Matt Taggart have been getting out with their Viper2 PPG wings. See photo at right (don’t try that at home, please).

Wherever you are, enjoy your time in the air and don’t be afraid to call in sick when the weather demands it!

Cheers from all the Team.