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Rush 3 Sizes S, M, L Certified, in Production

March 10, 2011

Rush3: Delta / R10 Technology for the EN B Class!

The Ozone Test and Design Team has had an extremely busy winter in the south of France, and we are now very excited to announce the release of the all new Rush 3. This wing represents the next generation of high performance sport-intermediate class XC wings. and features a combination of dynamic handling, an excellent speed range, and the passive safety of the EN B class, making it suitable for a range of pilots from lower airtime recreational flyers to experienced XC enthusiasts. Although the Rush 3 is now replacing the Rush 2, it has much more in common with our latest generation of performance wings such as the Delta and Mantra M4. We have greatly improved the performance of the R3 over its predecessor and have also significantly refined its in-flight feel.

Our glide testing has proven that the Rush 3 is at the top of the EN B class in terms of performance and well into the classes above. The Rush 3 has exceptional glide performance for its category and trademark Ozone handling makes it a lively and enjoyable wing to fly.

With revolutionary new R10 and Delta sail construction methods, leading edge reinforcements and optimised tab positioning to solidify the leading edge and create a more collapse resistant structure, the Rush 3 is the next level in sport-intermediate XC flying.

The Rush 3 will be available in 5 sizes:
Certified Weight Range    XS: 55-75    S: 70-90    M: 85-105    L: 100-120    XL: 115-135

The S, M, and L sizes are now certified EN B and we hope to have the other sizes tested in the coming weeks.
More info can be found in the product pages here on our site (Products >> Gliders).