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Mantra M4 Sizes MS, ML, and L Certified, in Production

March 9, 2011

Mantra M4: Competition Wing Performance, Certified.

The new M4 is our answer to serial class pilots who want the same performance edge that the R10 has given competition pilots around the world for the past year. As far as we can tell, the M4 may be the highest performance paraglider ever awarded a serial class certification. The Mantra M3 was independently tested (Thermik Magazine) to be the highest performing serial wing ever, and the M4 now has a solid 0.8 performance improvement over the M3! Serial class pilots who want winning performance need look no further.

But, as always, for us at Ozone performance is only part of the story. We designed the M4 to retain all of the comfort, agility, and stability that has made the Mantra series legendary. A moderate aspect ratio of just 6.5, combined with a highly advanced (R10/BBHPP) profile has created the most compact and stable feeling wing that we have ever flown in the D class. In small cores and tight spots near terrain, the M4 turns immediately and with efficient ease – the sail retains a compact feeling that has to be experienced to be believed! In turbulence the M4 is incredibly stable, and the reinforced leading edge and pitch stable profile allow you to push the bar and speed through the rough stuff more than has ever been possible in the history of our sport.

We highly encourage qualified pilots to schedule a demo flight with their local Ozone dealer as soon as possible, and let us know what you think!

The M4 is now available in 4 sizes, with tighter ranges to accommodate more pilots.
In-Flight Weight Range    S: 65-85    MS: 80-95    ML: 90-105    L: 100-120

The MS, ML, and L sizes are now certified EN D and we hope to have the other sizes tested in the coming weeks. Demos should be available from your local Ozone dealer in April in all sizes.
More info can be found in the product pages here on our site (Products >> Gliders).