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2011 New Wings: Launch News

January 10, 2011

As the 2010 season came to a close and winter began, we expected demand for our current range to decrease a little, but it has not. This has made it difficult to launch our new wings for 2011 as early as we had hoped. We are currently increasing capacity in our factory, and will be releasing several exciting new wings for the 2011 season very soon.

Provided that the weather cooperates, we will be sending the first sizes of the Speedster, Rush 3, and Mantra M4 to certification in January. These wings will go into production in February, with the first deliveries at the end of February and beginning of March. The Geo III delay has been further compounded by Porcher’s inability to deliver the necessary lightweight cloth on time. We hope that the Geo III will be launched in March, when we also hope to launch the Angel (reserve parachute) in its largest size.

The following wings are planned for the beginning of the 2011 season:

Speedster: This is the fastest PPG wing that we have ever released, however it is still designed for intermediate pilots who want a wing that is easy to launch and fun to fly. The design brief for the Speedster is ‘maximum speed’ in a full reflex design, combined with high ease of use and high stability.

Rush 3: This is the highest performing LTF / EN B wing that we have ever flown. Created with the same technology that has made the Delta best in class, the Rush 3 will feature performance that is within 0.2 glide points of the Delta! The weight ranges will be the same as the Rush 2.

Mantra M4: We think that M3 pilots will feel even more comfortable on this new wing, which has slightly more agile handling and an even smoother feeling in turbulence. It also, of course, will feature an impressive glide improvement: at least 0.8 over the M3, with new size and weight ranges to better accommodate all interested pilots.

Geo III: The all new Geo III will be even lighter than the Geo II, and more comfortable in the air. This is without question the most reassuring and easy to use all-around light wing that we have flown. We’re very excited to release it and think that it will be another favourite in its class, for pilots who want a lightweight and fun-to-fly performer in the middle of the LTF / EN B class.

Angel: You asked for it, and we made it. The Angel is our new reserve parachute, designed with cost and safety in mind. Everyone needs an Angel to look after them! Stay tuned for more info.