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The Delta Wins in Germany and Brazil

September 14, 2010

The Delta has now made its way out to pilots in many countries around the world, and the competition results are beginning to come in. Pilots are reporting that the performance is better than anything in the EN C class by a significant margin, and even better than many EN D class wings. But best of all, everyone is saying that the Delta is fun to fly, and that’s what matters most to us.

Claus Vischer, a German Ozone dealer, has become one of the first pilots to win a comp on his Delta. On the 15th of August he took first place in the Sport class of the “Varus Flatlands” Competition: Full Results here. Congratulations Claus!

Also, at the Pico do Gaviao International CUP 2010, Danilo Ribiero also took first place in the sport class with his new Delta. Danilo reports that he really loves his wing!
Well, the main thing is that I love my  Delta.
Full results from that comp are here: http://www.picodogaviao.esp.br/port/Noticias.aspx?id=131

Nice work guys, and we look forward to hearing from more happy Delta pilots soon 😉

Cheers from all the Team.