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The Delta Gets Reviewed…

August 25, 2010

Recently ‘Thermik Magazine’ published a review of the Delta. Obviously, they really liked it… and we weren’t surprised, because the feedback from pilots all over the world has been exactly what we hoped for, and expected: Great handling, a very comfortable feel, and glide performance that beats many wings in the category above.

Thermik Magazine tested the Delta and measured a l/d of 9.6, which is the second highest performing wing they have ever tested, behind the Mantra M3 which is the highest ever at 9.7 (it should be noted that our tests and the tests of other private pilots have exceeded this number but Thermik Magazine is very professional, and conservative, in their testing).

Here are some excerpts from Thermik’s review:

“It seems that never before there was such a stable sport wing than we have now with the Delta. It is pure pleasure!…
The behavior of the Delta in accelerated flight is an advantage for pilots with XC and competition needs”

“In summary: Usually, promised revolutions don´t happen. However, with the new sport wing Delta, Ozone managed indeed a massive performance jump… There is this massive glide performance plus the fact that the Delta will inspire you with its launch, its handling, its stability and its maneuvers…
…Congratulations to the Ozone Team!”

-From Thermik Magazine, September 2010 Issue (translation by Sabine Konrad).

We are pleased that the Thermik team agrees with our assessment of the wing, and we hope that if you’re considering an EN C class wing in the future, you will try the Delta. Please let us know what you think, and send us news of your favorite flights.
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