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PWC Greece: Para to the People, the R10 Revolution!

June 30, 2010

Another World Cup Event has come to a close, this time in Drama, Greece. 13 of the top 15 pilots in the event were an flying Ozone Mantra R10, including 9 out of the top 10.

Although the result alone is of course very exciting for us, what makes us happiest is the fact that the playing field has been ‘leveled’ and that many talented young pilots are standing atop the podium for their first time with a wing that any experienced comp pilot can purchase. In the past, many PWC events have been dominated by factory sponsored team pilots flying special prototypes. This year, the R10 has allowed any qualified comp pilot the chance to compete against the world’s best pilots.
Luc Armant, one of our test pilots and designers, was at the PWC Greece (3rd overall) and came back very happy. In his words, “There are a lot of newcomers to the PWC that are now getting very good results in front of the usual PWC “Stars”.  Also, a lot of R10 pilots have made their best personal competition results at this event.

“For Igor Todevsky and I, it was our first world cup event and we were third and fourth. Thomas, who was first overall and first in task 3, made his best ever result in his world cup career. Jamie, second overall, stood on his first world cup podium.
Jeremie Lager (11th), won his first world cup task.
Damien (5th), Jurij (6th), Mark (9th), Daniel-Alex (12th) and several other R10 pilots also had their best career results.
And Seiko (1st woman overall) won her first ever world cup!”

We are proud of our R10 family, and really happy that our passion for fun and safe flight has extended to these pilots. The best wing in the world is nothing without an exceptional pilot to lead the way, and we feel honored that so many of the world’s pilots have chosen to fly Ozone!

Congratulations to everyone, and thanks, as always, for flying Ozone.

Full results: http://www.fastretrieve.com/PWCA/2010/Drama%20%28Comp-Open%29.htm