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The Ozone Chabre Open – Results Update / correction

June 15, 2010

UPDATE – June 21 2010

We have had lots of positive feedback from various people, thank you! Unfortunately, first placed pilot, Mark Graham recently learnt that there was a delay in the final paperwork for the certification of his glider, the Axis Vega III (EN C).  Mark was under the impression that everything was in good order, but it seems the final certificate had not been issued, even though the Vega III has passed all its test and is destined to be a certified glider very soon. As a firm believer in the Ozone Chabre Open being a competition for purely certified gliders, Mark has asked to be withdrawn from the rankings.

Therefore we have adjusted the final competition results as follows:
Overall winner: Fredrik Angrimer (Ozone Addict 2)
2nd overall: Jeremy Thwaites (Advance Sigma 7)
3rd overall: Chavert Ter Maat (Nova Tycoon)

X Class
1st place: Chavert Ter Maat (Nova Tycoon)
2nd place: Gavin Foster (Advance Omega 7)
3rd place: Jacques Bouvard (Swing Stratus GS7)

The Ozone Chabre Open has come to a close, and a fun time was had by all. This year 100 pilots came together to experience the ‘fun and friendly’ competition atmosphere, which is ideal for intermediate XC pilots who want to learn about competition flying.

Ozone Team Pilot Jocky Sanderson was on the scene, and gave daily task briefings and debriefings, as well as XC coaching. Ozone’s managing director was on-hand for a Q&A session, and David Dagault, Ozone’s Cheif Test Pilot and Designer, gave a presentation about his monster 333km flight through the Alps last year with the BBHPP.

Overall it was a great time with loads of fun evenings and a massive party on Friday night. The weather was a bit tricky but two good tasks were flown, and the overall win went to Mark Graham, who was also the comp scorer.

At each Chabre we raffle off a free Ozone wing of your choice, and this year Mr Chavert Ter Maart was the lucky winner.
We’d like to thank the Chabre Vol Libre organization, who did an incredible job, as always. The now veteran CVL team handled every aspect of the comp smoothly and professionally. Also, a big thanks to all of the pilots who participated. We hope you all enjoyed the flying as much as possible and we look forward to seeing you again soon…

Cheers from all the Team.
Photos at right courtesy of Martijn Van Dijk, thanks Martijn!  (His Website Here)