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Mike Cavanagh Wins in Manilla!

February 10, 2010

Oops, he’s done it again…

Although as Ozone’s Managing Director, Mike Cavanagh spends most of his time at his desk running Ozone Paragliders & Kites, when he does get out to fly he normally makes the most of it. In fact, over the past few years he has gone from his desk to the podium several times.

This time, he says it was the Mantra M3 which made it easy, and he was thrilled with the chance to take it 249kms on the first day of the competition and then to a first place overall win, ahead of many Open Class wings, and also of course to first place in the serial class by a comfortable margin.

Results and a competition report can be found here. 
The Mantra M3 has been independantly tested to a glide ratio of 9.7:1 and 9.8:1 by two of the world’s leading magazines and is at the top of the LTF 2-3 class in terms of performance. We also believe that it’s the most comfortable and agile wing to fly in the 2-3 class as well.

If you haven’t tried the M3 yet and you’re looking for top performance in the serial class, check with your local Ozone dealer as demos are available.

Cheers from all the Team, and enjoy your flights!