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The X-Alps Pilots Return to Rest

August 5, 2009

The 2009 X-Alps is finished, and 30 tired teams have returned home to rejuvenate after the strain of the competition. In what could be called the toughest and most intense adventure race in the world, Aidan Toase and Julien Wirtz (now both accomplished X-Alps veterans) have once again stuck with the race until the last second of the competition.

12 of the 30 teams were eliminated entirely, with just 18 teams hanging on until the finish. Aidan spent the last several days of the competition running, flying, and resting with the American Honza Rejmanek, and their several day ‘battle’ for third place ended with Honza just a few kilometers ahead of Aidan, who finished in 4th place overall. Julien finished 11th, and was rounding the Mt Blanc turnpoint as time ran out.

Aidan reported that his Mantra M3 performed exactly as he needed, with dependable stability in the turbulence and wind that he forced himself to fly in, and the speed and glide necessary to push into wind on the many long crossings.

Even considering entry to the X-Alps is unthinkable to most of us, as it is difficult to imagine the immensity of the struggle that is required to stay with the race until the end. For more info on the daily experiences of the teams and the routes that they hiked, ran, and flew, check out the X-Alps Site.

Ozone would like to give a massive thanks, and congratulations, to Aidan and Julien both. Excellent work guys, we’re very proud of you!