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Dav & Luc Widen Their Lead

July 23, 2009

*Update:The last week of July, Dav and Luc went flying again, and this time they both chose FAI Triangles. Dav flew 201km in 8:30 with the Baby HPP, and Luc did 192km in 10:00 with the R09. Just another day at work 😉 Incredible, guys, nice work!
Ozone’s Chief Test Pilot and Designer, Dav Dagault, is leading the French National XC League with Luc Armant, our Test Pilot and Assistant Designer, in 2nd place.

Dav has been flying the new Mantra R09, and Luc has been putting a lot of kilometers on the Baby HPP.

The XC League is based on each pilot’s best 3 flights. Just in the past few months, Dav has completed one FAI triangle of 196km, and two flat triangles of 181km and 180km.  Luc has flown one FAI triangle of 197km, and two flat triangles of 177km and 173km.

Essentially, these flights represent a few very hard days at work for Dav and Luc. As you can see, they are sometimes forced to fly long distances to test the Ozone range of wings. However, they try their best to make their jobs as painless as possible by flying triangles, in order to reduce the retrieve time from their long flights 😉

Click here for the ranking: https://parapente.ffvl.fr/cfd/classement/G/2008/officieux

While Dav and Luc are leading the French National XC League, Russ is competing on the PWC (he won in Turkey). The constant and intense connection that our design and test team has with our gliders is a major part of what gives Ozone wings True Performance, and we like to think that our passion for flight shows in our products.

Cheers from all the Team!