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Ozone: 5 Medals at the World Air Games!

June 14, 2009

In a 100% Ozone Podium, Mathieu Rouanet, Laurent Salinas, and  Alexander Mateos took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places flying their Vipers at the World Air Games event in Torino, Italy. Also, Felix Rodriguez and his brother, Raul, took the gold medal in Acro Syncro. In the Accuracy competition, Guangqiang Sheng won a silver medal with his Addict 2, which he received just 2 weeks before the competition. Apparently it didn’t take him long to get used to this wing, which he had only 10 flights on before winning the silver medal 😉

The WAG Paramotor tasks are centered on speed, efficiency, and agility, and the Viper / Viper 2 performed remarkably well for Mathieu, who took the overall victory. Pilots at the event were required to compete in a special set of tasks, such as the Clover Leaf, Basketball Slalom, and Dragon Tail Chase. All tasks require that pilots fly close to the ground at high speeds while maneuvering carefully with their wings. The agility and stability of the Viper 2, combined with top of the class speed, helped Mathieu, Laurent, and Alex to win.

Mathieu is no stranger to competition with more International Competition Titles than any PPG pilot in history. He has been World Champion, Vice World Champion, European Champion, and French National Champion, all with the Viper. He is also an integral part of Ozone’s PPG development team, offering crucial feedback on our wings.

Laurent Salinas has been flying PPG wings for some time, but has been less active in competition. He recently placed 2nd at the French Nationals, and is clearly going to be a formidable opponent on the PPG competition scene in the coming years!

And speaking of future potential… Alexander Mateos is just 17 years old, but is already one of the best PPG pilots in the world. Free flight sports typically favor pilots with years of experience, and although Alex has only been flying for 5 years, he has the skill and control of a seasoned pilot. We are quite confident that Alex will be one of the best pilots, if not the best pilot, in the world in the very near future, and we’re very happy that he is enjoying his Ozone wings.

The Rodriguez brothers, Felix and Raul, took gold in the acro syncro event. The two brothers have been the strongest syncro acro team and two of the best acro pilots in the world for a decade now, although competition from other teams has increased a great deal in recent years. Felix was flying his pro model FLX.2, which is available to pilots who want max acro in their flying.
Congratulations guys, excellent work!

Cheers from all the Team.