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Antoine and Laurent, playing on Mt Blanc!

July 18, 2006

Ozone Team Pilot Antoine Boissellier, and Ozone Kite Team member Laurent Benamon, kited and flew on, around, and from the summit of Mt Blanc! Laurent took the easy way up, letting his Ozone Frenzy 06 Snowkite pull him to the summit. Laurent is the first person to ever snowkite up Mt Blanc, but we doubt he will be the last once more snowkiters and mountaineers realize that it’s much easier to ride the wind to the summit than it is to slog up on foot, not to mention the fact that once you reach the top you have a massive ski or snowboard descent to enjoy, right in front of you!

While the wind is frequently good for kiting on the summit, it is less often suitable for launching paragliders, but Antoine was lucky and was able to launch his wing from the summit and fly down. On the massive flight off of the summit Antoine was able to thoroughly ‘wring out’ his 6907 Acro wing, and he reports that the 6907 is his favorite wing ever for flying acro maneuvers.

COngratulations guys, from all of us!

All photos at right by Yannick Flugi.