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Future Ozone Team Pilot: Alexandre Mateos

February 13, 2006

News of Alexandre the boy-wonder was passed to us by Mathieu Rouanet, World Champion Paramotor Pilot and Ozone Team Pilot. Mathieu reports that Alexandre is exhibiting more than just an exceptional amount of natural talent with his Ozone Geo, and is clearly a future phenom of our sport. Alexandre is 14 and has only been flying for 2 years, but his ground-handling and piloting skills are already at an advanced level. Alexandre is one of many European youngsters that will be tearing up the scene in another 5-10 years! (David Dagault, Ozone’s designer and head of the test team is the result of a similar head-start as he also started flying at age 12). Alexandre weighs in at a mere 38kg, so we look forward to seeing what he can do once he is loaded more heavily on his wing!