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February 6, 2006

Last week was another good one for the Mantra in Competition, mainly in Australia and Mexico where the biggest winter comps are in full swing. Gavin Zahner writes from Killarney, Australia: “We were on a 94km straight-line to goal with a 2300 cloudbase. We were a gaggle of serial class wings- 3 mantras and a couple of others got out early and managed to stay in front chasing local legend Fred Gungl. The comp wing gaggle didn’t catch us until the 90km mark. Three of us got another climb and flew on to land at 102km for a site record, which was at the limit of controlled military airspace so we had to land whether we wanted to or not. We’ve had some rough conditions here and it’s been awesome to see just how manageable the Mantra is in turbulent conditions!”

In Mexico, Amir Izadi of Canada took 2nd place serial and 6th overall flying his Mantra M. Amir said that the Mantra did pretty well with the Open Class wings as far as performance, but felt that the comfort and handling of the wing were its best assets. Congratulations Amir, from all of us at Ozone!