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November 29, 2005

On December 13th the Ozone Team will embark on a cross country voyage across the country of South Africa. The Team plans to fly from the northwest corner of the country in a south-easterly direction, towing and flying XC each day and camping out at night in the desert. With 4 trucks, 3 winches, and 10 pilots all flying Ozone’s newest wings, it is sure to be a unique adventure. Check back for the latest news, which will be posted in English on a regular basis during the second half of December. The pilots who will be a part of the Ozone XC Safari are: Sandie Cochepain (3 time world champ), Mathieu Rouanet (current World Champion of Paramotor), Dav Dagault (Ozone Designer/Test Pilot), Jerome Canaud (Ozone Test Pilot), Mike Cavanagh (Ozone Big Boss), Matt Gerdes (Ozone Promotion), Remo Kutz (German Cup winner and Ozone Team Pilot), and others! The Ozone Team will be flying the Addict R (race line version of Addict), Mantra, Mantra R (open class research proto), and of course the Buzz, Rush, Magnum Tandem, and the Element (new DHV 1).