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Jocky in Russia

August 30, 2005

Ozone Team Pilot Jocky Sanderson recently returned from Russia, where he led a 2 week XC adventure tour. In his words:

Russia was a stunning trip. We flew and camped as a group from Ongudai in the west of the Altai Mountains to Kurai in the East, and we landed just 40 km from the Mongolian border. The climbs were average 10 metres per second to often 15,000ft cloudbases. The landscape and views changed with every area we flew in, from grass lowlands & tree covered hills of Ongudai, through the craggy, inhospitable, dry mountains of Akdash, onto the huge flower covered slopes of Kurai, with the glaciers of the Altai just 25k’s to the south, finally ending at the vast featureless flatlands of Kusagach near Mongolia. The 11 pilots of the group amassed just over 2,100k’s in 2 weeks over stunning scenery and in air that was unparalleled for it’s variety and challenge. For more pics check out http://www.pbase.com/tweedie/russia_2005