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The Mantra at the British Open Championship in Mayrhofen, Austria.

June 6, 2005

Last week, in the first major event that the Mantra has competed in, Mike Cavanagh took first place serial on his Mantra M, and Russ Ogden won first overall on his open class Research Prototype.

The well organised competition was blessed with 6 great tasks, giving the pilots plenty of opportunities to prove themselves and their wings. Mike reckons the perfect handling and great performance of the Mantra helped him overcome his lack of competition flying to beat the other serial class competition wings as well as quite a few open class gliders. Russ found that his research wing that was built from the knowledge in developing the Mantra proved to be more than competitive against the other open class wings, with the extra stability at speed allowing his skill to take a well deserved top spot. Remo Kutz, showing his skill and the performance of the Mantra, flew his serial class Mantra L into second place on task 2 (until his GPS failed him by 1 second), ahead of all but one of the open class comp wings.

You could say that we knew it was going to happen, see photo at right- the big O in the sky forecasted total Ozone domination. For full results go to www.pgcomps.org.uk