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Mantra- Getting Technical

February 24, 2005

You asked for it, and here are some technical details for the M Mantra:

59 Cells – This amount was chosen to create an ideal balance in wing weight, rigidity, and a low-drag line plan.

Flat Area – 26.04m2 This size was chosen for efficient climbing, performance at speed, and comfort in flight.

Flat AR – 6.03. We researched the inherent problems of a high aspect ratio and solved them with a delicate balance between the Mantra`s planform, sail tension, and trimming. The result is a precise turn and enjoyable handling, good passive safety, and a unified feel to the glider.

Lines- 390m total line length and 0.6mm uppers/ 1.2mm riser lines; the Mantra is without a doubt one of the lowest-drag gliders available.

Weight- 5.7kg, quite light for a glider in the DHV 2-3 category.

Our aim is to produce a glider that performs at the top of the 2-3 class. The list of factors that has led to the end result of the Mantra is very long, but in summary:

A new generation in profile design gives the Mantra higher lift and pitch stability, a nice feature in active thermals or turbulent headwinds, for instance. The wing is very pitch stable, which reduces unnecessary movement and increases glide performance.

The new planform of the Mantra is created with low drag in mind, and an internal strap connecting D line attachment points inside the wing reduces trailing edge tension and increases performance at accelerated speeds.

During recent testing, the test team has flown some impressive XC routes (for February), and Dav broke the Altitude gain record at Gourdon in -10C temps! Dav smashed the previous record, climbing to more than 3500m, an impressive altitude considering that he was within a stone`s throw of the Mediterranean! Needless to say, Dav and the test team are quite happy with the Mantra`s progress…