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THE MAGNUM 3: Watch the video

The Magnum 3 is designed for professional tandem pilots. This all new design includes significant upgrades in durability, comfort, and ease, with massive improvements in the areas of launch, landing, and in-flight agility. A unique internal structure saves weight and increases lifespan, effectively decreasing the cost of the wing to the professional pilot.

The Magnum 3 is a completely new, “ground-up” design. Visit Magnum 3’s product page for full details.



Ozone Team pilot, Pal Takats, has dedicated his life to acro paragliding. He is a three time overall World Cup winner, and has spent almost 20 years refining his instructional technique. This video series is the culmination of his life’s work.

These videos will teach you the skills that all pilots should master. Learning these techniques will unleash the full potential of your flying abilities, and make you a safer pilot.

Go to The Master Acro Series page for more.

THE RUSH 5: Watch the video

The Rush 5 is our latest Sport-Performance-Intermediate wing. Developed with the same technology used in our performance series, including the Enzo 3 and Zeno, it delivers top of class performance. Innovative new features incorporated during an extensive period of comparative testing have led to significant gains, especially in accelerated glide performance. Check out this video for more info from our R&D team, and visit the product page for full details.


Seiko Fukuoka and Charles Cazaux are on a mission to share knowledge. Their video series will cover a range of topics from reading the sky and understanding movement in the air, finding the best XC lines, proper speed to fly, and tips for climbing. What many of these topics have in common is glider control. Supporting your skill set with advanced techniques will help you to face more situations with less stress. Acro and freestyle flying are excellent tools to employ to improve your level and execute more efficient inputs to your wing. Here, Seiko and Charles review the Helicopter Technique. Enjoy the second episode of the Airlinks Online Academy:

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Check out the latest informative video for the DELTA 3.

Our mission for the DELTA 3 was to take the handling and “Sport-Performance Class feeling” to new levels and increase the speed and glide performance, without increasing the aspect ratio. The result is a wing that feels more agile and efficient in active air or while thermalling, has noticeably increased performance, and is every bit as pleasurable to fly. The OZONE philosophy of True Performance can be felt in the DELTA 3 with every ascending carve and accelerated glide. Enjoy the video for more info from the designers, and
visit the product page for full details.

Airlinks Online Academy

Seiko Fukuoka, and Charles Cazaux, present: Airlinks Online Academy.

AOA is a monthly video series that was created to share Seiko and Charles’s flying knowledge with our community. Seiko’s career has spanned almost every discipline of performance flying, and her titles include: current FAI World Champion, World distance record holder, EN test pilot, SIV instructor, former Acro champion, and more. She is one of the most skilled and experienced pilots in our sport.

Charles belongs to the French Armada, and has followed all of the steps from the Junior Paragliding Athlete course to the French paragliding team. He has won the two most important events in Paragliding: The FAI World Championship and The PWCA Superfinal.

Charles and Seiko have 40+ years of combined experience and they are ready to share it with you. Enjoy the first episode of the Airlinks Online Academy, here:

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Check out the latest informative video for the Ultralite 4.OZONE’s research into light-wing construction began back in 2001 with the introduction of the Peak, one of the first modern mountain-specific wings. The Ultralite series followed, and has been widely considered the benchmark for Hike & Fly wings ever since. The 4th generation of the Ultralite series is a totally new design that is packed with new features and technology. The UL4 delivers a higher level of efficiency, increased glide performance, higher top speed, more agility, and even easier inflation behaviour. To top it off, the UL4 is a few grams lighter than any previous Ultralite, with even smaller pack volume!Enjoy the video for more info from the designers,
and visit the product page for full details.