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PWC Super Final 2017

The Paragliding World Cup Super Final will be held in Roldanillo, Colombia from the 9th to the 20th of January.

The topography around Roldanillo is ideal for this race, a wide flat valley with mountains along each side. Both sides of the valley can be flown, giving a wide variety of possible tasks.
The Super Final brings together the top pilots from all the rounds of the World Cup held throughout the year along with the winners of the previous Super Final and Legends.
This is going to be one of the highest ranked competitions ever held. 18 previous overall World Cup winners are taking part along with 12 women’s PWC winners.

‘It’s a good cast and a great stage, one of the best paragliding venues in the World’, Ulric Jessop, World Cup Technical Delegate and Scorer.

The World Cup is now easier to watch on tablets and mobiles via the new World Cup App available for Android and Apple devices (search for PWCA). The commentary now also includes a ‘Thought for the Thermal’, a few words of advice each day from one of our more experienced pilots about competition flying. To celebrate twenty-five years of the Paragliding World Cup the Commentary will also be bringing you facts, figures and anecdotes from the last quarter of a century of competition flying. Visit PWCA.org

Stay tuned for more.


Bicho Carrera flew the new Session to the Podiums of The Acro World Cup in Italy and to the latest Master Acro event in Reunion Island. Now this all new design is available to the public in two sizes: 16 and 17 m2, with the 18 m2 coming soon.

Four signature colour choices are available, each chosen by a member of our team: Bicho, Felix, Pal, and Hernan.

For more info on the new Session, click here.

Enjoy the ride!


The Session is the result of an intense collaboration between the youngest generation of modern acro stars, and veterans with the deepest experience in our sport. It is a completely new design and represents a new direction for Ozone acro wings.

Flown to the podium of the 2017 World Championships by young gun Victor “Bicho” Carrera, the Session has been proven at the highest level of international competition – yet, its excellence at the highest levels is a direct result of its ease of use. Our primary mission for the Session was to create a dynamic but accessible wing capable of all the modern maneuvers.

In the words of our team:

-Felix Rodriguez
20+ years acro flying, past acro world champion, SAT co-founder:
“The Session is the wing we have been imagining for several years now. Luc and I worked hard together to create this new concept, and in the end the result is a glider that does all the maneuvers easily, but is still quite dynamic. And, the most important part: it is a pleasure to fly it. This wing represents a big step forward and we think you will agree that the ease, pleasure, and power of this design creates a beautiful wing.”

-Pal Takats
Past world champion, world cup winner, founder of JustAcro.com:
“The Session is a machine – and it is the machine of the new generation of champions. This is a wing that will allow modern acro pilots to take our sport to the next level.”

-Hernan Pitoco
Red Bull team pilot, acro pioneer, multiple national and world cup titles:
“The Session has very enjoyable handling, yet is dynamic and powerful. The control of this wing in dynamic maneuvers is really comfortable. It’s a perfect balance of power and control.”

-Bicho Carrera
Acro Vice World Champion, the young gun:
“The Session has unbeatable feeling! It connects all of the tricks with total precision. Flying this wing close to the ground, and the water, gives me confidence. It is for sure the best free flying and competition partner I’ve ever had.”

The Session is now available from your local OZONE distributor.

More news about the Session coming soon, stay tuned.

Ozone Pilots Sweep Nordic Open: Another Perfect 10

The Nordic Paragliding Open took place in Tolmin, Slovenia, from August 27th to September 2nd. Pilots from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden congregated in the Julian Alps for a week of fun flying. Our good friend and winner of the event, Ronny Helgesen, reports:

“For Rolf Dale and I, this was the perfect event to test our fresh Enzo 3s. The first day was slow and we were skeptical to use too much speed bar close to the terrain. The glider felt very stable so the next day we flew faster. After two days of competition, Rolf was in the lead just one point ahead of me. I won the next day and we were leading the comp together.
On the fourth day the race was moved to Lilack. I was in the leading gaggle close to goal and when I realized that the first five pilots didn’t have enough altitude to reach goal I went for it and made it to goal first, winning the Nordic Championship. Thanks Ozone for making this beautiful wing”

Rolf Dale finished second, and Erik Renhelf third on his Zeno.

In the women’s category, the winner was Johanna Hamne, followed by Mari-Anne Aanes in second and Nicole Fedele in third. Johanna and Mari-Anne flew Zenos.

The top ten pilots flew Ozone.

For full results click here
Congrats to all the pilots and cheers from all the team at OZONE.

FAI Paragliding World Championship 2017

The 2017 Worlds in Italy has begun!

Monte Avena, situated in the south-west of the Dolomites mountain range is the main stage for the FAI World Paragliding Championship 2017, this is the first time that Italy hosts this event.

Yesterday the organizers decided to move the first task to Bassano due to the weather, where they had great conditions for a 77,8km task. The winners of the day were Pierre Remy from France and Silvia Buzzi Ferraris from Italy, both flying Enzo 3s.

Today’s task is a 95 km Race to Goal, conditions have improved and the pilots will be taking off from the official launch in Monte Avena.

For results and live tracking, click here

Good luck to all the pilots!

SECOND EVENT OF 2017 PWC-Nis, Serbia

The PWC in Nis, Serbia, starts tomorrow, Sunday the 18th of June, you can watch all the
action on World Cup TV and follow the live commentary and tracking on:


Once again Ozone have a lot of pilots in this PWC ready to put their new Enzo 3s and Zenos to the test.
Méryl Delferriere: Overall 1st lady in the 2017 Coeur de Savoie PWC is once again on her Zeno.

Richard GALLON: One of the pioneers of paragliding, a legend who was winning PWCs back in 1993, before many of today’s pilots were even born is on an Enzo3. As is Clement LATOUR: Lead out point bagger in the recent Coeur de Savoie PWC, X-Alps Super Hero, very well known in the world of hike and fly. Also voting with his wing by choosing an Enzo 3, Marco LITTAME: PWC winner in Brazil in 2015. Along with Andreas MALECKI: one of the most experienced pilots here, no stranger to winning tasks, veteran task setter (and on the task committee here) and 1st in 2016 PWC in Italy.

Rafael SALADINI: Paragliding World record holder. On the 15th of October 2016 he flew 564km across Brazil and into the record books on an Enzo 2, received his shiny new Enzo3 this morning and hasn’t stopped grinning since.

Yassen SAVOV, European Champion, lead out point bagger at the recent Coeur de Savoie and St Andre PWCs is at the Serbian PWC. He’s won 5 tasks in the last few years and won the PWC in Croatia in 2009. Yassen always gives us a diet of agony and ecstasy, he’s here once again with his unique style and hopefully unbeatable wing.
Let’s see what happens in the skies above the rolling green hills and mountains around Nis this week.


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The Annual Coupe Icare

It’s hard to believe that so many years have passed. For the 17th year in a row, the Ozone Team will be hanging out at The Coupe Icare of St Hilaire. Look for the ALIXA stand on the show map, and as always, don’t count on our booth to be a traditional display of Ozone branding. Our friend, Mathieu de Quillacq, always manages to set us up with something original and non-commercial.
This year at the Coupe we will be announcing nine new products that are freshly launched or to be released in the coming weeks / months. Stop by to talk with us about the new gear, or stay tuned for our press release that will go out on our news and facebook in the next few days.

Cheers, from all the Ozone Team.