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The Ozone Chelan Open

The 2021 Ozone Chelan Open is wrapped after 4 amazing tasks.

This was an EN-C and below event with mentoring from some of the top comp pilots in the USA. Each day Nick Greece, Josh Cohn, Mitch Riley and Matthew Henzi, shared their knowledge, experience, and advice on how to fly the tasks better.

The overall winner was Mitch Riley, flying his Alpina 4, followed by Josh Cohn (Alpina 4), and Nick Greece (Delta 4) in third.

In the ladies category the winner was Galen Kirkpatrick followed by Alexia Fischer (Delta 3) and Anneka Herndon (Alpina 4).

Ozone Team Pilot and overall winner, Mitch Riley, reports:

“Racing the Alpina 4 around the skies of Eastern Washington for the last week was a blast!! Thanks to OZONE Paragliders and meet director Matt Senior and all the volunteers for putting on this mentoring comp. Many people have asked me how it felt to race on an EN C wing. The racing, the decisions, and the excitement felt just like racing any paraglider. I’ll be back next year! The performance of the Alpina 4/Delta 4 speaks for itself; winning every task and filling the podium, the glider goes well!!”

For Full Results visit: https://airtribune.com/ozone-chelan-open-2021/results

Congrats to all the pilots and cheers from all the team at OZONE.

See you next year!

Aerial images courtesy of Donizete Lemos

The Radical Mentor Session on XC Flying

Recently, a few of our friends came together online to discuss XC flying, and share a bit of wisdom and experience.

Huge thanks to Xc Legends and instructors, Russ Ogden, Bill Belcourt, Josh Cohn, Jeff Shapiro, Isabella & Jamie Messenger. Ozone Team pilot and host, Nick Greece, worked with Julie Spiegler to make this session possible.

Cheers from all the Team!


The Kendall Mountain Film Festival is an incredibly diverse celebration of mountain culture, with films, speakers, and creative submissions from all corners of the mountain world. Ozone is proud to be supporting this event and to once again have several adventure flying films in the event. If you’re in this part of the world next month, don’t miss it!



This weekend we will be back in St Hilaire du Touvet, France, for the 46th annual Coupe Icare and the 20th Anniversary of Ozone Gliders.

Please come visit us at the OZONE stand to talk about new products for 2020 and beyond. We’ll be announcing some new stuff for next year, and catching up with friends. 

Here is some info on new products arriving imminently. 

And here is some information on an exploratory project in which we are endeavoring to create more sustainable paragliding gear.

In addition to the above, we’ll be answering your questions on the other exciting products that will be available for next season. See you at the Coupe! 

Cheers, from all the OZONE Team

For more on the Coupe Icare 2019 click here


This weekend we will be back in St Hilaire du Touvet, France, for the 45th annual Coupe Icare, and the 20th Anniversary of Ozone Gliders.

Please come vist us at the OZONE stand to talk about our new products for 2019 and beyond! We’ll be announcing some new stuff for next year, and catching up with friends. See you there!

Cheers, from all the OZONE Team

For more on the Coupe Icare 2018 click here

Ozone Chabre Open 2018

The 13th Ozone Chabre Open was a great success with 124 pilots competing in 6 classes, flying 3 tasks plus a practice task. The flying season had been slow to start this year, with only a few good days between April and June: windy and stormy. But after a cracking pre-comp week, the competition started on 30th June with a 42km practice task, in good conditions, resulting in 55 pilots in goal.

With Meet Director, Jocky Sanderson in control, the competition saw 3 great tasks over the next four days: 75km from Chabre to Chorges (45 in goal), 61km from Chabre to La Batie Neuve (54 in goal) and 40km from Chabre to Veynes (69 in goal). Over-development caused problems on Tuesday and Thursday, with one cancelled task and one cancelled day. Friday, unfortunately, was a ‘petit mistral’ and too windy to even consider going up to the take-off. But there were perfect conditions at St Vincent Les Forts, where pilots had a truly chilled flying finish to the week.

There were no less than 34 Rookies (no previous competition experience) this year, and there were dozens of ‘goal virgins’ and ‘personal bests’ claiming prizes during the week – and not all Rookies! Top of the Rookie stack, though, was Ross Gallagher from New Zealand, who also came 2nd in the Sport Class on his Ozone Delta 2. With 17 women from 8 nations competing – the most for many a year – there were new names on the leader board. The class trophy went to Mirjam Hempel from Germany.

There was some upset among the X-class (experienced) pilots, with a couple of early starts on one task, and missed goal on another. The lesson learned: fly to your instrument, and make sure it is programmed correctly! The overall winner was Mark Graham (GB) on his Ozone Delta 3, followed by Nicola Moeckli from Switzerland and Andy Brown (GB).

In addition to an SIV talk, Jocky delivered several informative task de-briefs, highlighting how different routes served some pilots better than others. Following the arrow is not always the most efficient course, he demonstrated using track logs from that day’s flights, and showed how judging your final glide can be ‘make or break’, especially with half the field in goal!

Much fun was had by all, with social gatherings most evenings and loads of prizes handed out at the Friday night prize-giving. This year’s glider winner was Carl Foster, ecstatic to be able to upgrade his Sport Class glider!

For more on The 2018 OZONE Chabre Open , click HERE

Congrats to all the pilots and cheers from all the team at OZONE. See you next year!


This weekend at the Zillertal Battle in Mayrhofen, Austria, where EN B wings were de rigeur, Simon Arnold took first overall flying the new Rush 5. He was joined on the podium by Heli Eichholzer and Joachim Oberhauser, who were also flying the Rush 5. Christoph Eder was just behind in 4th overall, flying the Swift 4, and Thomas Weingartner took 7th on the Rush 5, putting five Ozone pilots in the top ten. Full results here.

This was a hotly contested event with big names flying intermediate class wings. Intensely competitive tasks and racing harnesses were the norm. Rush 5 pilots reported that they had a clear advantage in accelerated flight, and commented that the R5 converted energy in a way that is reminiscent of comp wings, climbing when bar was released.

Congrats to the pilots in this event, and to the organizers – it’s great to see intermediate class wings being the focus of a major event!

Cheers from all the Team.


The next Paragliding World Cup will take place in Baixo Guandu, Brazil from the 14th- 21st of April.

The town of Baixo Guandu is an old favourite with the Paragliding World Cup, having held events there in 2013 and 2015. The countryside around Baixo is a mix of flats and hills, dotted with the most grandiose granite domes, making it a paraglider and photographer’s dream. Lots of tropical sun on a continuously changing landscape gives great thermals.

Gone are the days when far flung World Cups were an easy way to get into the Super Final. With 13 World Cup winners and 28 World Cup task winners taking part, this could very well be a continuation of the Battle Royale that we saw in the nail biting Super Final, where it was all to fly for right up until the last few seconds of the race.

You can keep up with all the pilots on the PWCA App which is now available for iOS and Android devices, (search for PWCA). It gives the live Commentary, tracking and all the scores and makes the competition much easier to watch on tablets and mobile phones. Visit PWCA.org

Stay tuned for more.