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The 2019 X-Alps equipment setup weighs in at under 5.5kg for wing, XC harness, and reserve. The Zeolite itself is just 2.85 kg. It is designed for use in the X-Alps race environment, which means small and unimproved launches, technical top-landings, small & restricted LZs, and strong alpine conditions.

From the R&D Team: “Forget everything you think you know about the compromises in 2-Line paraglider designs. The Zeolite is easy to launch, easy to land in small/restricted LZs, and has the most comfortable B-handle control we have experienced. This is a new breed of 2-Line design.”

We’ll post more info on this exciting new gear in the coming weeks, and we wish all of the athletes in this year’s race the best of luck.

Thanks to Manuel Nuebel for the review.


While the PWC crew was gearing up in Brazil, Wayne Seeley & friends were chasing the first XC window of the year in the UK.

Wayne reports:

“The UK season finally kicked off. On March 24th, the forecast was good with a 1500m base predicted and a nice NW wind . A few of us launched our Zenos from Selsley common in the Cotswolds, Tom Cole and Ollie Clothier both made 100+km flights and me and Graham Steel made our declared goal of 155km finally landing at 162k after 5 hrs. A great start to the year!!!”

For Wayne’s flight click here

Congrats guys for such a good start. Cheers from all the Ozone Team.


The 2018 SuperFinal held in the jurassic landscape of Baixo Guandu, Brazil has come to an end.

The last day of competition was another day of sunshine and strong thermals. A 99km task took the pilots on a triangle through the region.

A mere seven points separated the first two pilots after 8 tasks, and there were 172 points between the top ten. It was a day for staying in the gaggle. It was a fast race at full speed between thermals, all the way round.

In the end was French Pilot and current World Champion Pierre REMY who took the win followed by his compatriot Julien Wirtz. In third place was our own R&D team member, Russell Ogden, who added another podium to his impressive career in XC Competition.

In the women’s category, it was OZONE team pilot Meryl Delferriere, from France, who took the win and finished seventh overall. In second place was Yael Margelisch(CHE) followed by Kari Ellis (AUS) in third. All winners flew Enzo 3s, with 8 out of the top 10 overall on OZONE.

Thanks to OZONE team pilot, Cody Mittanck, for the daily reports we have been sharing on our social media. Here is his final insight from the capstone of the 2018 comp season:

“We couldn’t have asked for a better day to cap an incredible week. Conditions were on from the starting gun and never let up. The pilot quality in the Superfinal is so similar that on these strong and fast days the majority of pilots arrive within only a few minutes of each other at ESS. Even though the point gap is very tight every point matters for those fighting for the podium and finishing well in this field of talent is no easy feat. At the last climb pilots cranked up the intensity, trying to get into the best position to maximize the lift. While simultaneously watching other pilots in their periphery. One extra turn and you can go from 1st to 60th in this game. From the last climb it was a pulley to pulley drag race. The crowds at goal saw a pack of wings slowly coming into view. From the ground it may look slow and peaceful but from the air holding full speed on a competition paraglider through turbulence is like dropping in on class 5 rapids in a kayak with no paddle and your hands overhead flying a kite.

We had 9 days of racing here in Baixo. The competition started with difficult and light days that caused even the local vultures to stay in their roosts and yet even on these days pilots managed to make goal. By the end of the week conditions were so strong it was a mistake to stop in anything less than 5mps. The top pilots managed to navigate the technical conditions while still being able to out maneuver the entire gaggle on the fast pace days. Well earned!”

For full results click here.

Congrats to all the pilots and cheers from the OZONE team


The 10th Paragliding World Cup Super Final will take place in Baixo Guandu, Brazil from the 19th to the 30th of March 2019.

Baixo Guandu is a favourite destination for the Paragliding World Cup, with its stunning black granite dome mountains and testing tasks in the land of record-breaking skies.

This will be the World Cup’s fourth visit to Baixo Guandu (previous comps were in 2013, 2015, 2018). The World Cup has also been to nearby Castelo four times which has very similar topography (2006, 2008, 2012 and 2016). Proof, if it were needed, that the state of Espírito Santo, in south-eastern Brazil, with its Jurassic Park landscape, monster bamboo and pilot high grass, is a Paragliding mecca. It also means that there are a lot of pilots in this 10th celebratory Super Final who are very experienced in flying these unusual monolithic black blocks.

On the World Cup website PWCA.org, you can now see preview pilot profiles of the high flyers from 2018, who will be taking part in the Super Final.

The pilot quality in this Super Final is going to be amazing. 6 out of the 8 previous overall Super Final winners will be taking part.
Eight World/European champions will be taking part, six men and two ladies. 29 pilots taking part in this Super Final have already won a World Cup event (20 men and 9 ladies), and 48 competing pilots have already won a World Cup task!

The standard doesn’t get any higher than that!

Keep up with team OZONE, Honorin Hamard, Russell Ogden, Charles Cazaux and Méryl Delferriere, along with all the pilots taking part, on the PWCA app. Read the live Commentary, and follow your favourite pilots on the tracking to see who the high flyers in this amazing competition will be.

Stay tuned for more.

Mantra 7 Now Available.

The Mantra M7 is a completely new design incorporating the latest Zeno and Enzo 3 technology in a tight, compact, 3-line package. The profile, planform, and arc are all evolved from the Zeno, and the aspect ratio is a more moderate 6.5. The M7 offer a level of agility, comfort and safety closer to the Delta series, with near-Zeno glide performance. Most importantly, it is an incredibly fun wing to fly!

This new design replaces the M6, and bridges the gap in our range between the Delta 3 and Zeno. It is a significant step up from the M6 in terms of performance, especially in accelerated flight, but with better collapse recovery characteristics, reduced pilot workload, and more cohesion in turbulent air. It is the ideal wing for experienced pilots stepping up to the D class who want the performance and pleasure of a modern 2-liner, but with more comfort, security, and confidence.

More info on the Mantra 7 product page

The Mantra 7 is ready to order from your local OZONE distributor

2019 BRITISH OPEN, Colombia

The British Open in Roldanillo, Colombia, has come to a close.

After five valid tasks, it was local pilot Juan Sebastian Ospina flying for the UK who took the win. In second place was Polish pilot Michal Gierlach followed by the British Martin Long in third. All flying Enzo 3s.

British pilot, Kirsty Cameron won the women’s category followed by Adel Honti from Hungary and Johanna Hamne from Sweden in third. All flying Zenos.

Winner of the event, Juan Sebastian Ospina shares:

“Very thrilled to have won the British Winter Open after 5 amazing races in varied conditions and the precence of really strong pilots.
It was very special for me to prove myself against some of the best pilots from my two nations, Colombia and Great Britain and to see everyone so joyous to see me up in that podium.
The best of all was the overwhelming support of my friends, family and my wife”

Nine out of the top 10 pilots flew Enzo 3s.

For full results click here.

Congrats and cheers from all the Ozone Team.

Raul Penso Wins At Home

Ozone Team pilot, Raul Penso, finished off his 2018 season with a win in Placivel, in the north-central region of Venezuela.

After that, he continued the momentum and started 2019 with another win at the Open Andes in Merida. Few pilots know this part of the Andes as well as Raul does, so it was no surprise that he led the field in what is essentially his backyard, flying the Enzo 3.

For full results click here.

Congrats and cheers from all the Ozone Team.

Mitch Riley wins Monarca 2019.

Ozone Pilots swept the 15th Monarca Paragliding Open in Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

Overall Winner, Mitch Riley, reports:

“Valle De Bravo, Mexico delivered again for the 15th Monarca Paragliding Open. Through the week we flew a wide range of tasks and conditions. Yesterday, the last day of the comp, I was siting in first place by just 30 points trying to calm my nerves, drop the pressure of performing and just have fun. It worked beautifully during the 92km tour of the Valle flying arena. The first hour of racing was quite fast, with the lead gaggle making quick work of strong climbs and boaty glides. On the way to the Monarca’s the day got shady, and it became all about feeling out any weak lift that was available and optimizing climbs and glides. Pilots searching for glory on the last day were cutting the corner of the convergence and getting desperate. I backtracked to the convergence, took every bit of height I could find, and went for the long glide toward ESS. It worked! Switching to slow mode late in the day brought me into goal first for the day, and secured the competition win. Congrats to Harald Wilhelmi (2nd, Enzo 3), Matthew Beechinor (3rd, Zeno), Bianca Heinrich (1st Women, Zeno), and Gunnar Saebu (1st Sports Class). Alas De Hombre and Nicki Moss did a fantastic job of navigating an evolving political situation and keeping vans filled with fuel during the fuel crisis”

For full results click here.

Congrats and cheers from all the Ozone Team


Unsupported. Unspoiled. Untouched. After crossing the width of the Canadian Rockies during his 1,000 km vol-biv in 2017, Benjamin Jordan has taken his passion for exploring the untouched mountains of his homeland to the next level.

Last summer, Benjamin dared to become the first person to fly an unprecedented 1,200 km route, along the entire length of the Rockies, from the United States all the way up to Northern British Columbia. Join us this week for a taste of this incredible adventure.

Follow the history via Ozone’s Instagram and Facebook

For more on this amazing adventure visit The Endless Chain website