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The HPP… a sneak preview.

9월 22, 2008

With the Addition of Luc Armant to the Ozone Test and Design Team, research on the Mantra R series has continued and progressed to the next level. What you can see in the photos at right is a new prototype which has proven to perform at about 3:1 (a full 3 points of glide) better than the current competition wing standards (that’s with a 45kmh trim speed). Although we love getting your emails, don’t bother writing us for more info on this project as this is really all we can tell you for the moment 😉
While this particular design won’t be hitting the PWC circuit any time soon, it is the interesting result of a simple concept: Maximum Performance – and we believe it has achieved perhaps the highest performance of any paraglider built to date. It will be interesting to see how these latest developments can be worked into our production Mantra R and M series as well as on our more widely flown wings. Stay tuned for more info… and enjoy your flights!

Cheers from all the Team.