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Polish Pilots Pushing The Limits!

8월 6, 2008

Recently two Polish pilots made some impressive flights in their home country, flying Ozone Mantras.

Janusz Fuzowski, who has recently become a member of the Polish National Team, had actually decided to wait until next year to buy an Ozone but meanwhile also decided to borrow his friend’s Mantra R07 at his local club airfield. On his first flight ever with the R07 or any Ozone wing, he took it for an 8 hour 262km test flight! Incredible! We think it’s safe to say that Janusz liked the wing, and this flight was his personal best. To check out his tracklog on the OLC site: Click here.

Just previous to Janusz’s incredible flight was a nice one by Rafal Balazinski, who flew his serial class (DHV 2-3) Mantra M2, 228km! To see a tracklog of Rafal’s flight, go to: http://tinyurl.com/6pdyzr

Nice work guys, congratulations! We love to hear about your flights, so keep in touch and send us news!

Cheers from all the Team.