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Felix on the Podium at Vertigo

7월 9, 2008

Ozone Team Pilot Felix Rodriguez placed 2nd with his FLX signature model at Vertigo Villeneuve this year, which is the largest and longest running acro comp in the sport. Congrats Felix, excellent work!

Felix’s comp report:
“This year the comp in Villenueve was highly competitive, even without Raul and Antoine!
The first task was a compulsory routine of: SAT to helico, helico, asym spiral and dynamic full stall.
For the 2nd task pilots needed to announce their routine, for me it was: Rythmic SAT to Infinity tumble, Helico to helico, Helico to SAT. It was an aggressive program I was not sure if I would have enough altitiude, but my strategy was to do the hardest maneuvers and as many as possible. I won the task by 4 points.”

1 Felix
2 Pitocco
3 Horacio

“For the 3rd task, I decided to maintain with the same routine as it is nearly maximum possible points, and decided to risk it again. I did the maneuvers well but missed the landing… putting me 6 points behind Horacio and down to 4th overall.”
1 Horacio
2 Pitocco
3 Cyril planton

“The 4th task and final round, Again I chose the same program with the strategy that I go for maximum points again, and if I didn’t miss the landing this time then I would still be battling for 1st place, instead of choosing a safer program and get a lower ranking… it was a risk but I didn’t care I just wanted to focus and do it perfect. And it was my best round, with a perfect ground spiral landing on the raft.”
1 Felix
2 Horacio
3 Pitocco

Final ranking: 1. Horacio Llorens 2. Felix Rodriguez 3. Hernan Pitocco

For more info and news check the Vertigo site: www.vertigo.ch

Felix’s FLX acro wing is now available from all Ozone dealers, check the products section for more info!

Cheers from all the Team.