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Winners Peter and Ioannis Choose New Rush 2s!

2월 25, 2008

Last year at the 2007 Ozone Caribbean XC Challenge in the Dominican Republic, Peter Claghorn of Calgary, Canada, won the glider of his choice. At the time, however, his glider of choice was the Rush 2, and Peter chose to wait a full year because he was looking forward to it so much. Peter, we’re sure you’ll think it’s worth the wait!

And this year at the 2008 Ozone Caribbean XC Challenge, Ioannis Myrianthopoulos won the Ozone glider of his choice. His choice: the Rush 2, of course.
Congratulations, guys!
The new Rush 2 is in full production now, with the first wings having already left the factory. You’ll see them flying around at your local hill soon, and be sure to contact your Ozone dealer now to arrange a test flight. You can do that via the Ozone site: click the red button on the main news page.

To go to the Rush 2 Page, click here.