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Matt Church and his M2 on a Winning Streak!

2월 26, 2008

We frequently get emails from happy Ozone Pilots, and often from faraway places! Matt Church recently sent us an update on his travels: it seems he’s been cleaning up around the world with his Mantra M2. In his words:

Hi Guys,

Still loving that M2 I won! Even managed to get a placing in the XC Open series (UK). I won the serial class at Carpinteria, and 4th overall (I shouldn´t have spiralled off that 1500m but pushed on as only 24 points off 2nd!). Also squeaked in at 3rd serial in the overall series, winning $500 from XC mag. Paid for the entry fee at least and gave me a big grin.

Now for the bullet thermals of Mendoza in the Argentine Open – should be fun!


Matt then sent the photos at right, seems he was too busy to write more but not too busy to place 2nd overall at the Santiago Fun Comp in Chile, and 3rd place Serial at the Mendoza Open in Argentina! Nice work Matt!

Cheers from all the Team, keep sending in your news!