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The Addict 2 is Launched!

12월 10, 2007

The Addict 2 is now certified and in production in the S, M, and L sizes.
Reserve your demos now with your local Ozone Dealer!

The Addict 2 is the most cutting edge XC/Sport wing we have designed. This latest creation from David Dagault is a result of more than a year of development and testing, and is designed for the experienced, discerning XC pilot. Research and technology from our competition wings has combined True High Performance with the famous agility and DHV 2 safety of the original Addict.

For full info on the wing, go to the Addict 2 Page. Also, don’t forget to choose your custom colors!

Cheers from all the Team, the coming winter air is great for testing new wings, so take advantage of it and experience the new Addict 2…