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2007 Paramotor World Championships – China

9월 13, 2007

The 2007 World Championships were perhaps the most hotly contested in the history of paramotoring. The results show as much, with no surprises in the top 3 places.

Mathieu Rouanet reports that the Chinese organization was excellent, putting up the pilots in first class hotels and running the comp without delays or disorganization. The setting near Beijing was an excellent place for the champs to unfold, and this year a new battle was at the forefront of the event: 2 stroke vs 4 stroke engines.

All tasks went exceedingly well, with the French Team taking the team gold (half of the team was flying Vipers).

Mathieu Rouanet, former World Champ, European Champ, and French Champ, is now Vice World Champion after a difficult and lengthy protest by the Spanish Team, which lead to Ramon Morillas taking first place overall after a task was canceled several days post completion. The Spanish and French Teams were not in total disagreement over the decision, but a severe delay due to inefficiency and incompetence on the part of the FAI staff lead to a ridiculous reversal of a decision, after all tasks of the competition had been completed… basically, the FAI judges present at the event in China made an excellent and serious competition between professional athletes a total mockery by acting poorly and acting slowly. We can only hope that the FAI can act in as sporting and mature a manner as the athletes in future competitions.

Ozone would like to extend sincere congratulations to Ramon Morillas and Mathieu Rouanet, who are both worthy of the title and have both proven as much in years past.

There were 4 Ozone Vipers in the top 7 wings, which is an excellent statistic. Thanks to the following pilots who have proven once again that the Viper is the best competition PPG wing on the market today: Mathieu Rouanet, Michel Touitou, Ronan Chollon, and Paul Bailey.

Cheers from all the Team!