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Ozone Leading the UK XC League

7월 26, 2007

The Big Boss has let himself out of the office for a short spell, and is currently based in the Lakes District of the UK with his eye on the weather.

Mike Cavanagh, Managing Director of Ozone, manages to pull himself away from his computer a few times a year and fly XC. The past few flights that he has completed in the UK have put him in 1st place of the UK XC League with his Mantra M2. Current standings are here, view XC League -> XCL Table http://www.pgcomps.org.uk/

Mike is only allowed to fly a few times a year, but what he misses in quantity he makes up for in quality, usually setting a personal best (South Africa, Dec 2006) or winning a comp (1st place Serial Class – UK PG comp Austria, May 2006).

Congrats Mike, thankfully for the company it’s not flyable every day in the UK, or we’d see a lot less of you! 😉

Cheers from all the Team, we hope that all of you are managing to break away from your jobs as much as possible to get in the air!