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The Ozone Chabre XC Comp – more details…

6월 16, 2007

The final results are in, click here!

Congratulations to all of the pilots who had fun at the Chabre! We had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed seeing 120 pilots smiling and enjoying the relaxed and informal atmosphere. Many of the pilots flew personal best distances, and many pilots made goal for the first time. Congrats to those of you who had such excellent flights.

Overall it was a blast, with great flying for a few days and a few excellent parties… as you can see at right, this is what happens when you switch to Ozone: Ruud Van Der Heijden of the Netherlands recently changed to a Mantra M2 from another XC wing, and the next thing you know he’s ruling the party with his shirt off! The fun is contagious.

Other highlights included the all-Ozone photo shoot, when 20+ Ozone pilots came together for a ridge soaring session at Mison, near the goal field and comp headquarters. We all cruised around in smooth laminar wind as we watched the sun set behind the Chabre ridge – stunning! Thanks to all of you who managed to make it on such short notice.

Cheers from all of us here at Ozone, we look forward to seeing you at more Ozone events in the future!

News from Saturday June 16: The final task of the Ozone Chabre Open was a fantastic day of XC flying! With cloudbase at close to 3000m, good climbs of up to 5m/s, and a sky full of puffy cumulus clouds, we are all happy to report that the comp has ended on a brilliant note.

The weather during the week was changeable with 2 days canceled, but the remaining days did yield some great flying for the 120 pilots here.

At right are a few photos from Fred Gustafsson, we will post more news soon with final results and a summary of the comp, which was the third excellent event that we are grateful to have been a part of. A huge thanks to The organization, Chabre Vol Libre, and the Allez-Up crew!

For more info and daily reports, go to www.flylaragne.com
Cheers from all the Team!