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Burgi beats Burki on the Mojo2 with a whopping 141km!

5월 27, 2007

Aerosport, Ozone’s distributor in Germany and Austria, has been demonstrating the great performance of DHV1 wings such as the new Mojo2 by offering a new glider to anyone flying a DHV1 who could beat the distance set previously by Burkard Martens (Burki) who flew 134km on a Bolero 3.
The record was soon beaten by Christoph Burger (Burgi) flying the new Mojo2! He flew 141km, demonstrating that to have fun and fly big distances it’s more important to have some skill and a good amount of confidence in your wing than it is to have the latest high performance wing.
You can see his track here: http://xc.dhv.de/xc/modules.php?name=leonardo&op=show_flight&flightID=10737
Burgi usually spends the day teaching at the paragliding school Süddeutsche Gleitschimflugschule, but on the day of the record he decided to show his students what is possible with the new Mojo2. If you want to find out more about the Mojo2 check our product pages and use the Request a Flight Test button to get a flight and see why we love our newest DHV 1 wing, and think you will too.
A big thanks and congratulations to Burgi for showing what’s possible with the Mojo2, and to Aerosport for encouraging pilots to fly safe while still focusing on pure XC enjoyment!