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Dav and Mike (on the podium!) with the Mantras in Australia. And Sebastian’s M2 in the DR.

2월 23, 2007

So about once a year, we let Mike out of the office so he can go flying. Last year we actually let him out twice: The first time, he won the serial class of the British Open in Mayrhofen, and the second time he set a personal best distance record in South Africa. Mike has just returned from Australia, where he placed 3rd place in the serial class of the Manilla Open, and again set a personal best distance flight of nearly 200km, flying the Mantra M2. Not bad – imagine if every time you went flying you ended up on the podium, or set a personal best distance! Mike racked up about 700kms in a week flying the M2.

Dav flew the Mantra R in the Manilla Open, and logged over 1000kms in one week! Dav is more than pleased with the performance of the newest version of the Mantra R (research) open class wing, and although the wing is in constant evolution, this version will be used for the pilots flying it in the 2007 PWC.

Russ Ogden, Ozone Test Pilot, is currently in Australia for the World’s, flying the Mantra R Open Class proto.

Good luck, Russ!

Meanwhile, halfway around the world, Sebastian Meier set a straight-line distance record in the Dominican Republic. Just a few days after the Ozone Caribbean XC Challenge came to a close there, Sebastian flew from Azua to San Juan for a total of almost 70kms. This might not sound like much, but anyone who was at the comp this year knows how technical the conditions there can be, with light, disorganized lift. Congrats, Sebastian!