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Bicho Carrera is 2017 Syncro Acro World Champion

8월 26, 2017

We all have big dreams in our youth. For some of us, these childhood visions are what drive us to reach the highest levels of our passion or discipline. Bicho Carrera is a young dreamer who, through hard work and consistency, has made his dreams come true. Bicho tells us about his latest win, and new World Champion Title.

“Everything started when I was 11, and my flying addiction took over. Since that beginning, my first flights, I had the vision and the dream to become World Champion.

Fast forward to 2016, when I competed in the Second Acro Paragliding World Cup in Annecy . Competitions were quite new for me, but in the end I finished fifth overall, competing against the best pilots on the planet. This was a good reminder that I wasn’t far to reach that flying dream.

This year, I joined forces with another dreamer with the same goal, Rafael Goberna, from Brazil, who became my partner in the Synchro World Acro tour. In the first stop of the year we finished second – it was my first year competing in the synchro category, a new challenge, a new modality, and a lot of pressure, but a great result to begin our journey.

The final stop of the tour was in Italy and we gave it all we had and more – we knew we were just a few rounds away from achieving our vision, and it wasn’t blurred anymore. We led each and every round of the championship and won, three points ahead of the second place team, Horacio Llorens and Theo de Blic.

I remember clearly the third round, I was flying side by side, toward the box, with Rafa. We were talking about our routine and boom! We started with an unrehearsed and perfect bro-hook, the first I had done in life! that was just the beginning of an amazing and inspired round followed by infinity tumbles, misty flip, MacTwist, finishing with a tight synchro spiral all the way to the water… these were unforgettable moments, they will be always with me..

This season has been simply unreal, traveling with my good friends Rafael Goberna and Horacio Llorens, sharing flying and its magical lifestyle. It doesn’t get any better”

Bicho and Rafa won the Synchro category. For the Solo Acro Category, Bicho took 2nd and is now Vice World Champion of solo acro. He flew our latest acro development wing, which will be available to the public soon.

Congrats Bicho! and cheers from all the team at OZONE.