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New Products for 2014

9월 24, 2013

At the Coupe Icare last weekend, we released info on some exciting new products that will be available in early 2014:

The Mantra M6

The M6 is the ultimate 3 liner! We wanted to take the performance 3-line concept to its absolute maximum, and that’s what we have done. The M6 is an evolution of the LM5, which swept the top 5 spots of the 2013 X-Alps Race and saw Chrigel into goal in record time. We took the best design elements of the LM5, and added all of the extra performance that was possible without the serious weight restrictions demanded by the X-Alps Team. The M6 has 66 cells, a flat AR of 6.92, 23% line drag reduction from the M4, and of course the Ozone Shark Nose Technology. This Ultimate 3-Line design has incredible handling for its aspect ratio, and all of the comfort and solidity that the world’s Ozone SharkNose pilots have come to love. More info will be posted as we can release it, we hope to be shipping this wing in the first weeks of 2014.

The Rush4

It’s the Delta 2’s little brother. We are extremely excited about this wing, and think that it represents as much of a leap forward as the Delta 2 has proven to be. The Rush 4 has class-crushing performance, and some features which we have never before applied to its class, including Ozone SharkNose Technology. In much the same way that the Delta 2 put huge smiles onto the faces of our R&D Team during the final testing phases, we think the Rush 4 will more than satisfy even the most demanding pilots in the Sport-Intermediate class, and maybe even tempt some pilots from other more advanced classes, as well. The Rush 4 has 57 cells, a flat AR of 5.55, a 25% line drag reduction from the Rush3, and is a 3-Line design with SharkNose Technology. Overall, it has a very similar feel to the Delta 2 in terms of handling, precision, solidity, and spin-resistance while coring lift. The release timing for the Rush 4 is similar to the M6, we hope it will be shipping in the first weeks of 2014.

The Ozium Harness

The Ozium proved to be an ideal tool for the toughest and most brutal adventure race in the world, The RedBull X-Alps. Ozone Team Pilots flew the Ozium for long XC flights in the most intense Alpine conditions, and carried it through the heart of the Alps for days on end. We have taken the X-Alps competition prototype and added a bit more durability and user-friendliness, making it an excellent choice for pilots seeking a lightweight pod system that is comfortable and features a very low pack volume. The Ozium has no seatboard, and features a carbon-fiber footplate inside the pod. The Ozium features LTF certification, a foam back-protector, and a rear-integrated reserve compartment, all weighing in at just 2.5kg in total. Our aim is to have this harness shipping in 3 sizes by the end of 2013, even though it is a 2014 product. Stay tuned for more news.

Cheers from all the Team!