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Ozone Pilots Sweep US Open Distance Nationals

9월 5, 2013

Our friend, Chris Galli, recently won the US Open Distance Nationals flying his R12, and he was joined on the podium by a few Delta 2 pilots. The competition format allowed any glider to enter, but serial class wings received a scoring bonus.

The awards photo at right shows Dave Nelson (sport class winner), Andy Dahl (serial class winner), Chris Galli (over all winner), and Julie Spiegler (Womens).

Results can be seen here.

Chris reports: “Top 4 overall were all on Ozone gliders. Those Delta 2’s really go! To give that glider a 15% bonus for XC almost feels like cheating 🙂 We had a great time overall with one of the best mentoring series I’ve ever attended and participated, in since I’ve been flying. Everyone walked away a better XC pilot at the end of the week, which is one of my personal goals here in the U.S. Giving back to the community is paramount and XC open distance competitions is the perfect venue for doing so.”

To us here at Ozone this sounds like an awesome event, and we’re very glad that everyone enjoyed their wings. Cheers from all the Team!