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오존 선수 베네수엘라 대회에서 우승!

1월 15, 2012


The EnZo arrived in Raul Penso’s hands just hours before a comp, and he got to know and love it well, immediately. Raul reports:

“It was the 28th of December, and I was driving to my job (I had to work all of December), I decided to email Orlando (Venezuelan Ozone Distributor) to see if by any chance the EnZo was on the way, and he answered “Ahh yeah I received the tracking number” and I said “What?? nobody tell me!!!” So I began to track it, every hour for 4 days, until it arrived late the night just before the Andes Open 😉  It’s an awesome glider, I was surrounded by R10.2 and R11s, but no problem… my EnZo led the way, but just before goal a bad decision put me into ESS just 30m short of the line!

The second task was the same trick, I was ahead with Juan Carlos and Carlos Cordido, again Carlos and I took a decision to goal but we landed 200m short, 15 minutes later Juan soared over us and made goal…

For the 3rd task, I tried to focus and breathe and just before the start point (it was 6km from takeoff), a good risk decision put me alone at the start of the task and then I was alone all the way to goal, finishing 12 min in front of Carlo (2nd). Anyway, it was a good start with the EnZo here in Venezuela and the EnZo’s first podium”

Thanks Raul, and congrats to Juan Carlos Becerra Gonzalez, and Alejandro Alfonso, who took first and second place on their R10s. For full results, click here.

Cheers from all the Team, and happy racing this year! We hope that everyone else enjoys their EnZo as much, and we look forward to following the Superfinal in Mexico next week. We hope for a season full of fun and safe events.