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Meet the XXLite

9월 20, 2011

We were planning to announce the existence (not the release of) this wing at the Coupe Icare 2011, this week, however before we could do so a pilot posted his own youtube video of us testing the wing at our home site of Gourdon, France. This prompted quite a few questions from pilots all over the world so we wanted to give a bit more info and a few more images of this exciting little project.

Please check out the video at this link: http://www.vimeo.com/29247558

The XXLite is a concept wing that is not yet for sale. The Ultralite series from Ozone has offered pilots the lightest certified paragliders in the world for four years in a row, but we wanted to take the idea of “Ultralite” to the next level: XXLite.

The XXLite is a single surface paraglider constructed from the most modern lightweight materials. It packs small enough to fit into a waist-bag and weighs a total of just 1.345kg for the 19m size. In flight, the current prototypes of the XXLite are somewhat “special” to fly, although the launch is the easiest we have ever seen – the wing seems to come up entirely on its own.

We currently do not have plans to sell this wing to the public but the development of the concept will continue and we will release more news as this interesting project advances. Please don’t bother emailing us for more info on this wing as this is all we can give for the time being. Thanks, and Cheers from all the Team!