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9/10 at Austrian Nationals, 7/10 at PWC Portugal, and more!

8월 16, 2010

At the Austrian Nationals, Ozone took 9 out of the top 10 places, with an R10.2 podium sweep. Congratulations to Alex Schalber, Christoph Eder, and Richard Trumel, who took top honors. Full results can be seen here. Alex Schalber is having a great year, he was Vice Champion at the Europeans and is now in the top 5 world rankings, nice work Alex! Yvonne Dathe took first place overall in the women’s category. Konny Konrad reports that the Austrian Mantra R10 pilots are extremely happy with their wings, and they are loving flying them in and out of competition.

The most recent PWC event held at Serra da Estrela, Portugal, saw 7 out of the top 10 pilots flying Ozone. Seiko Fukuoka Naville now has an undefeated PWC career with two straight wins! 😉 Congratulations Seiko, we’re happy you are enjoying the world cup, and your Mantra R10 😉 PWC Portugal, results.
Lucas Bernardin took first place overall, with long time Ozone Team Pilot, Julien Wirtz in third. The Ozone Team took first overall in the Team events.
The European PWC division is now being led by Mantra R10 pilots in 8 of the top 10 spots. PWC Cont-Euro Reults, here. Great work guys, and a special congratulations to our own Luc Armant, who has managed to get himself into the second place overall for the Europ Cup while still working full time to help the rest of the Ozone design team create better and even more exciting Ozone wings for the years to come…

Cheers from all the Team.