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A Perfect 10 / 10

7월 24, 2010

The 2010 Pre-World Championships have come to a close, and the first 10 pilots were all flying Ozone R10s.

So far this season in many National Competitions, we have seen 8/10, 9/10, and 13/15, and many other impressive score sheets, but this may be the first major comp with 10/10 pilots all flying Ozone.

Ronny Helgesen took first overall, Wim Verhoeve was second, and Ozone Team Pilot Raul Penso was third. The Serial Class was also won by Ruud van der Heijden, who has been quite a force to be reckoned with ever since he started flying Mantras many years ago. And of course, 7 more pilots in the top ten Open Class deserve mention… full results can be seen here: http://www.piedrahita2011.com/

Congrats guys, awesome work!

What else can we say, other than we’re so happy that so many pilots are having a great time on our wings. Our raison d’etre here at Ozone is to make pilots happy, with all of our wings from our school wing to our Open Class comp wing…

Thanks to all of the competition pilots who believed in us at the beginning of the season and ordered their R10’s sight unseen. And thanks to everyone who is flying Ozone Serial Class wings, please don’t forget to write to us and tell us about your favorite flights.

Cheers from all the Team!